Moonlight Feels Right 2014 is the first new music from Bruce Blackman in thirty years. It features 16 songs -12 new and 4 vintage - and includes a new version of his all-time summer classic, (“Moonlight Feels Right”). From the thought provoking (“Time and Time Again”) to the hilarious (“Less Thinkin’ More Drinkin’”), this album brings you a variety show of musical styles. Whether he’s hanging out on the beach (“Doing Nothing”) or feeling a bit beat-up (“Two O’clock Pushing Three”), Bruce delivers his signature sense of smooth that just makes you feel good.
Known for the breezy, jazzy quality in his music combined with clever, wry lyrics, the man can crack you up or make you contemplate your place in the universe. He is a master songwriter and makes you see and feel parts of your life through his music.
The first radio single from Moonlight Feels Right 2014 is the upbeat, energetic (“Jim’s Café”). It’s a drive-time, feel-good wonder of a song guaranteed to make you wake up and smile,
And that’s what Bruce does best. With this album, it’s “mission accomplished.”